Barcelona Boqueria Food Market Tour & Tapas   

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Barcelona Classic Hidden City Walking Tour from 10euros pp

Barcelona Street Life  Walking Tour    

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Barcelona Classic  Walking Tour    

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Barcelona Montjuic Walking Tour    

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Come join a Hidden City Tour! Leave a positive footprint of your trip to Barcelona by creating a job, a future, a new life for a homeless person... ….and in return take home an unforgettable experience that surely will be one of the highlights of your visit to Barcelona!

Want to know more about our logo? Designed by local collage artist We love this original collage view of Barcelona and it totally embraces our brand values of repurposing material,.... giving otherwise unused bits and bobs a second chance to shine in life.

But this isn´t about us, it´s about YOU and the footprint you´ll leave  on Barcelona´s soul

We're a social enterprise, not a charity... so basically the more success we have the more jobs we can create. It really is that simple. The essence of the tour is small groups. So come along with a large group and we'll simply split the group in two or three and employ another homeless guide on his or her way to a better life.

What´s the difference between a Charity and  a Social Enterprise?  A charity receives funds from public or private donations, they then distribute the funds as they see necessary, the users receive and give thanks.  At Hidden City Tours it’s the guides that give a quality service, our clients that receive and give thanks.  So there´s a shift of power.  The guides are the stars, the leaders of the show.  That’s the difference.  Then there´s the finance part: we autofinance ourselves from the tours we sell.  We are independent and receive no funding. But we are free! to choose our own destiny.  We believe that a social enterprise must be sustainable, economically viable and above all profitable.  Otherwise we would become just another burden on sociey!

Our social enterprise mission and goals

Our guides are recruited from social services, soup kitchens, and homeless charities, and then coached and trained by Hidden City Tours. There are over 3.000 homeless in Barcelona but we apply strict filters – fluent English, German or French, well presented, free of alcohol and drug addictions, good public speakers and a desire to work and form part of a very small but ambitious team! So its very difficult to find good guides. 

Our trained up guides have incredible knowledge of the city and can't wait to show you around, taking you to the touristy and not so touristy areas to show you the hidden secrets and stories Barcelona is bursting to share with you.

Each guide follows a thorough training program of between 60 and 80 hours, led by founder Lisa Grace. And for those guides that require additional support in English, there are weekly English classes run by our resident volunteer English teacher Catherine.

Barcelona has a fast growing homeless problem yet continues to flourish as a tourist destination, now being the fourth most visted city in Europe. Then why not offset one against the other? So we decided to tap into Barcelona's  booming tourist trade and put it to work to help solve the city's homeless problems by offering employment to people who want to work their way to a better life.

WELCOME to Hidden City Tours, a ground breaking Barcelona based social enterprise founded in 2013 offering walking tours of the gothic quarter.... with a difference. We exclusively employ and train up guides who are homeless. 

Who best to show you around the streets of Barcelona than someone who has lived on those very streets.... So if you're tired of mass tourism and conventional tours, and looking for something different.. WELCOME! You've come to the right place.

Barcelona Tapas Events for Groups    

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Creating jobs for Barcelona´s homeless

Barcelona Bohemian Raval Walking Tour    

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